The Company

Fumi-Hogar is an Spanish company with international distribution of its products, counting with over four decades of experience in the formulation of biocidal chemical products, basing our production in the design, making, dosage and marketing of smoke and biocidal products for all kind of applications.

The company was founded in Málaga in 1967 by Mr. Antonio Cintora and is inscribed in the Andalusian Official Registration of Biocidal Stablishments with Nº: 29/0099/01.

As a result of the unstoppable specialisation process that industry, society and markets have undergone during the last decades, Fumi-Hogar has been orientating its productive activity towards increasingly specific market sectors, thus been in possession of a range of products of proven quality and effectiveness at the service of Pest Control Operators worldwide.

Objectives and Commitments

Our aim to offer a service of excellence obtaining maximum satisfaction from our clients is materialized in the Quality Control Certificate in accordance with Norm ISO 9001:2008, which is in force since 2001 and complemented with Environmental Control System in accordance with Norm ISO 14001:2004. This Certificate being obtained in year 2005, thus making this first Andalusian company of the sector to possess both integrated management systems.

The environmental commitment of Fumi-Hogar is also expressed in the development of R+D through close cooperation with leading key partner companies all over the world for the research and formulation of new products, more specific against plagues and less aggressive to our environment.