FumiGol Flush


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Commercial name: FumiGol Flush Insecticide Smoke.
Presentation: Metallic canisters of 60, 120 and 360 grams.
Type of plaguicide: Solid (Powder).
General Use: Environmental fumigant insecticide controlling all kind of insects, specially crawling ones.
Manufacturer: Fumi-Hogar.


3 % Cifenothrin.

Target pests

Target pests:  Brown-banded, German, American and Oriental cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, wasps, mites, fleas, woodworms, moths, termites and all kind of insects.


FumiGol Flush is presented in metallic canisters of 60, 120 or 360 grams:

– FumiGol Flush 60: To be used for the fumigation of volumes from 175 m3 (cure), up to 350 m3 (prevention).
– FumiGol Flush 120: To be used for the fumigation of volumes from 350 m3 (cure), up to 700 m3 (prevention).
– FumiGol Flush 360: To be used for the fumigation of volumes from 1000 m3 (cure), up to 2000 m3 (prevention).


Guaranteed efficiency

FumiGol brand is synonymous of insecticide efficacy among Pest Control companies worldwide. Such reputation has been increased through the years by the Public Health professionals who better take advantage of the special conditions of fumigants to achieve total pest eradication on prevention or shock treatments, especially effective against crawling insects with low costs.

FumiGol Flush Smoke is a broad spectrum insecticide with high efficacy power over both flying and crawling insects. Based on Cifenothrin, which is an active ingredient of an excellent flushing effect that urges the target pests to leave their harbourages, the action of the smoke treatment proves to be much more effective than others and ensuring complete efficacy which, combined with the special dispersion characteristics of the smoke particles, makes FumiGol Flush to be the best solution for total control of arthropods on closed volumes.


Registered for public health

Registration number:13-30-06577.