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Commercial name: FumiFull Disinfectants smoke in tablets.
Presentation: Pellets of 50 grams.
Type of plaguicide: Solid (compressed powder).
General use: Fumigant disinfectant for environmental and food industry treatments.
Substance identification: 15 % Vantocil
Treatment capacity: 100m3
Manufacturer: Fumi-hogar


PHMB (Vantocil) 15 %

Target pests

Broad-spectrum microbiocidal, especially bacteria, virus and fungi.


FumiFull is presented in 50 grams pellets packed in cardboard boxes or plastic cubes:
· FumiFull 50 in cubes: To be used for the fumigation of volumes from 100 m3 (cure), up to 200 m3 (prevention). Boxes of 6 plastic cubes with 12 units each. (Total 72 uds).

New concept: Aerial desinfection

Problems generated by fungi, viruses and bacteria are nowadays growing in modern society and industry, where hygiene standards referred to our development level are constantly required. Normal disinfection treatments use to be expensive, difficult to apply properly and rarely acting over the real infection source which may sometimes be on hidden places.

FumiFull Smoke represents a new concept for total disinfection on public health and food industry treatments being the first antifungal and antibacterial dry product for the disease control of closed places appearing worldwide, with remarkable costs savings compared with other similar treatments

FumiFull is very easy to use and its formula is based 15% on PHMB, a well known and efficient disinfectant molecule which makes the smoke pellets to be a product of high control capacity and efficacy over all kind of microorganisms on closed volumes.

Registered for public health and food industry

Registration number: 10-20-05701 & 10-20-05701 HA