FumicypDownload MSDS

Comercial Name: FumiCyp Insecticide Smoke.
Presentation: Tablets 50 g.
Type of plaguicide: Solid (Compressed Powder).
General Use: Insecticide.
Treatment capacity: 100m3.
Substance identification: 1,3 % Cypermethrin.
Manufacturer: Fumi Hogar


1.3%, Cypermethrin.

Target pests

All kind of insects and arthropods


FumiCyp is presented in 50 grams pellets packed in cardboard boxes or plastic cubes:
· FumiCyp 50 in cubes: To be used for the fumigation of volumes from 100 m3 (cure), up to 200 m3 (prevention). Boxes of 6 plastic cubes with 12 units each. (Total 72 uds)d

Versatile and economical

FumiCyp Insecticide as any other smoke treatment combines its excellent dispersion properties together with the great advantage of high costs savings due to its innovative pellet presentation, avoiding the use of other materials and reducing residues generation.

FumiCyp is very easy to use and is formulated based on Cypermethrin, conferring the product a high control power over all kind of insects on closed volumes for public health.

Registered for public health

Registration number: 10-30-00010.