2015. Fumi-Hogar promotes CEPA Certified Staus

Fumi-Hogar has become one of the first companies in Europe to promote CEPA Certified® status, a unique and new mark of professionalism in the service business.

In collaboration with BPCA and other European pest management associations, CEPA is creating a network of professional pest management companies across Europe that can demonstrate their competence to clients.

CEPA Certification® Program implies


• Improved image with clients: They will value CEPA Certified®Status.

• Means to promote the professionalism of our Company based on service and quality rather than on price.

• Better service quality: the standard is designed to help our business improve

• A unique and independent benchmark of Fumi-Hogar´s professionalism compared to our competition.

• Raised awareness among our customers that our industry plays a major role in public health.