2007. 40th Anniversary of Fumi-Hogar


40 aniversario Antonio Cintora Gil It has been more than 40 years since Mr. Antonio Cintora Gil founded Fumi-Hogar in Málaga with the objective of supplying chemical products for public hygiene to the emerging Spanish society of the 60s.

During these 4 decades, from this beautiful Andalusian city we have formulated and commercialized numerous insecticides, fertilizers, cleaners and household and industrial disinfectants, which over time were adjusting to our current range of insecticide products for environmental applications with the FumiGol Insecticide Smoke , as our original flag since our company is one of the few worldwide with enough experience and technical development to produce fumigant products of proven quality for the control of all types of pests.

At Fumi-Hogar we are currently in the process of international expansion, developing fumigants for markets on 4 continents through continuous research in technology and machinery and maintaining the family nature of the company both in the shareholders and in dealing with workers and customers.

From Fumi-Hogar we want to share with you our satisfaction for having reached such a marked age with customers, suppliers and collaborators like you, who have allowed us, supported and encouraged us to get here and continue excited every day in this adventure.

To all: Thank you very much and congratulations!