2006. Interview in the magazine “El Exportador” of the month of September

Interview in the magazine “El Exportador” of the month of September Nº 100 of the ICEX.


Carlos Cintora
Activity Formulation, packaging and marketing of smoke products, air fresheners and insecticide lacquers
Year of establishment 1967
Staff 12 employees 2005 invoicing
1.5 million euros Export quota 2005 8%
Av. Ortega y Gasset, 268 El Viso Industrial Park 29006 Málaga
Tel. 952 338600
Fax 952 311628 fumi-hogar@fumihogar.com www.fumi-hogar.com

A goal to pests

The family company Fumi-Hogar has more than four decades of experience in the field of insecticides. Just three years ago, he decided to take the international leap with his flagship product: FumiGol Humo Insecticida 120, a national benchmark in the sector. Currently they are in charge of supplying insecticides for the control of pests in the Mediterranean basin, the Arabian Peninsula and Latin America.

THE EXPORTER: What has been the trajectory of Fumi-Hogar since its inception?
CARLOS CINTORA: Fumi-Hogar has dedicated its productive activity during its almost 40 years of existence to the manufacture of insecticide products, air fresheners, cleaning, disinsectants, personal hygiene, etc., both for domestic use and for industrial or agricultural use.
As a result of the unstoppable process of specialization that the industry has been experiencing throughout these years, Fumi-Hogar has been orienting its productive activity towards more and more specific sectors of the market. We have a range of products of proven quality and effectiveness at the service of pest control companies, and we have gradually abandoned other sectors to focus on the field of environmental hygiene, with increasingly specific products for insecticide treatments.

EE: Within the internationalization strategy of FumiHogar, what role does the PIPE play in it?
CC: It is thanks to the PIPE program that Fumi-Hogar seriously considers the possibility of going abroad in a formal way, because until then we only sent small quantities to Portugal and France through customers who knew our products in the Spanish market. For this, the company needed to change and renew different fronts, especially those related to the brand and corporate image of the company in order to be competitive at all levels in the different markets to be addressed.
Once controlled and improved all factors that could stop exports (technical adaptation to international standards, creation of an export department, analysis and study of the local needs of each market) we began to take advantage of the support of the ICEX in our prospecting trips to the most interesting countries or areas for our products, as well as the commercial missions organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga, with excellent results.

EE: What are the main export markets and what has been the way to introduce them?
CC: At the beginning of our international journey basically with our product FumiGol Smoke Insecticide 120, we have focused basically on geographical areas with pest problems similar to ours, so we started acting in the Mediterranean basin, and then, with the accumulated experience, expand to South America
Generally, the form of introduction is through a commercial mission for which a work agenda has been previously prepared, from which we visit a series of companies with proven capacity to register, import and distribute insecticide products for public hygiene. Our goal is to have an exclusive distributor (for a country or several from the same region) with which to start marketing our products in that market. Our selection criteria are their technical and economic capacity and the degree of knowledge of the market in question. Thus, we currently directly supply our product in France and Portugal and we have distributors established in Chile (with connections in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela), United Arab Emirates, Tunisia (with connections in Libya and Algeria), Israel, Lebanon ( with connections in Syria) and we are doing prospections in Morocco and Jordan that we expect to be fruitful soon.
the exporter
EE: Medium and long-term plans, where is the future of Fumi-Hogar heading?
CC: The environmental commitment of Fumi-Hogar is reflected in the development of programs to investigate formulations of new products that are more specific to pests and less aggressive to our environment. In this sense, we have the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate and the ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System, obtained in 20