2.018 FUMI-HOGAR launches to the market the new FuMicrob Disinfectant Smoke during EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2018

Once again, Fumi-Hogar has been attending as exhibitor on our bianual meeting with PCO´s during EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2018, Proffesional Congress and Public Health and Pest Control Fair, taking place in Madrid´s IFEMA last February 22nd and 23rd, with a great succes among profesional visitors and related companies.



Still celebrating our 50 Anniversary since 2017, Fumi-Hogar took a new chance to exhibit our own smoke technology in the most important Iberian International Fair and to introduce to our clients and collaborators our new product FuMicrob Disinfectant Smoke, which is now been registrated under new European Reglament as a disinfectant to be used in PT2 (Public Health), PT3 (Animal Health) and PT4 (Food Industry).

FuMicrob Disinfectant Smoke combines the strong fungicide action from 7% Ortophenylphenol together with the total action provided by 3,5% Glutaraldehide over all kind of Gram + and Gram – bacteria, giving an inmediate and definitive sollution to most of patogen microoorganisms that need to be controlled on Public Health and specially on Food Hygiene in different sectors such as Meat Industry, Flour mills, bread ovens, food processing áreas, wine cellars, etc…